How Mobile Technology Will Change Enterprise in 5 years

5 year is a big number for any technology to develop, and between these 5 years, a drastic change can happen in any field.

As we are talking about the mobile technology it is also developing time to time with the improvements and updates, just take an example 10 years before we were using mobile phones that can be used for call only without any internet connection and technologies but now after 10 years where are we.

We are far away from time and now we are using smartphones or enterprise mobility management software. If we are talking about the future it would be great with some best-updated technologies. Here are some technologies which would change the future of custom mobile app development company in the next 5 years.

1. Artificial intelligence – The new trend of Smart technology

Mobile technologies are already working on their best but with the help of Artificial intelligence in everything it will become perfect for everyone. It can help mobile phones to understand the need of the individual and work accordingly. Machine learning technology is far better than any other technology, it will work on users previous dealings such as liking posts, engagements with brands and will show the products and features just like the user want.

In the next 5 years, Artificial intelligence based applications like Alexa and Siri will help users in each and every situation either it would be related to automation or related to consultation. These AI applications will work as a personal assistant for the user. This is the future of Mobile technology in enterprise mobility solutions.

2. The Augmented Reality Software – Virtual experience

Augmented reality works on the basic principle of electronic sensory elements as graphical experience, sounds, and locational data within a single mobile application. There are already so many augmented reality-based software are available in the market which fulfills the virtual experience, but in the near future, it will become more realistic with the help of new technologies.

Virtual Augmented reality software is capable of giving a 3d experience to any product without even touching them, how cool is this. In future user will feel each product in the mobile with the help of this technology that will fulfill all their requirements.

3. Automation Softwares – The new way to optimize home products

Home has so many electronic items which can be controlled digitally by the help of automation software such as TV, Alarm system, Fans, Lights, security cameras and doors. Apple is already using this mobile technology and with the help of this technology, users can manage each and everything with smartphones.

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This is a new trend of mobile technology which will boom in the very near future with updated features. As we are talking about the enterprise mobility solutions this technology will manage things with the help of another technology that is Artificial Intelligence that can make it more superior in this field of automation.

4. Smart Wearable Watches – Connecting future

Smartwatch is another technology which will make a definite change in the future. These are very tiny and easy to handle things which can connect with smartphones easily with the help of Bluetooth technology and control all work. Gone are the days when we use watch just to check time, now it is completely different from the past.

Now, these watches become smart and control your phone apps smartly. In smartwatches, there are so many apps like GPS, Heart rate monitor app, Step tracking app, workout apps. These all are helpful for a user to manage routine and schedule workout plans so this is very valuable technology in the market and in future, it will become more updated as user requirements and it will definitely help the custom mobile app development company.

5. Cloud Computing – A new way of storing data

Cloud computing is a new trend which is a very safe and secure way to store data on virtual disks, from where it can be restored in any device with the help of cloud ID. This is the new way of storing data with a wide range and the latest technology. Almost every mobile company is using this technology for ease to its customers for their data.

Let’s take an example of apple cloud share software. This is a very nice technology in which the user can store the data from any device just using apple cloud ID and then restore it on any other device just sign in with the same cloud ID. This is the new phase of technology which will give the user more flexibility.

The upcoming future of mobile technology looks very bright and growing. In fact, I trust that it will be the focus of most custom mobile app development companies for the next 5 years. It will not only change our personal lives, but it can change our work lives also.