Project Background

UPS is well known by every person for parcel delivery services. There are many services like shipment, tracking, pickup etc which are provided by UPS. It is one of the world's largest package delivery companies. We evolved into a multi-billion-dollar global corporation that reflects the history of modern transportation, international commerce, logistics, and financial services.

The Objective

To develop shipment supporting software for UPS and make it easy to improve business efficiency, get faster shipment, quality of service, and profitability.

Project Brief

The client wanted to develop shipment supporting software with top-of-the-line package tracking features. And that is the reason it was required to building a shipping system for UPS.

Key Challenges

It was challenging to facilitate tracking of all the shipments worldwide while automating the shipment from start to finish. As customers demand an easy tracking system to deliver the best shipping experience to the end-users, thus it was the challenging part for the team.

Key Solutions

We have developed shipment tracking software for UPS to facilitate the best customer experience. This is a reliable tracking and communication system for UPS to manage and exchange information in different formats. With the AI and IOT based platform features, it is easy to search the packages by categories depending on the size, weight, address, height as well as other dimensions. Also, it reduces manual efforts and risks during shipments.

Key Results

  • Reduction in Courier Expenses
  • Reduction in Manual Efforts and Risks
  • More Focus on Core Business
  • Faster Shipments
  • Great Value of Money
  • More Reliability






Transportation & Shipping


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